Dragon*Con II

11 09 2009

Okay, so I arrived in Atlanta on Friday about 1… I had a test in French otherwise I would have skipped and gotten there in the morning. I basically wandered around the Con for a few hours, checking out the dealers’ tables and costume spotting until I could check into my hostel and then go to the first event I wanted to see. It was a showing of Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and, after, a showing of the Buffy musical, Once More with Feeling. So after I checked into my Hostel I headed over to the Sheraton Hotel where the event was only to discover that the line was wrapped around the building. Giving up, I sat down on the stairs next to two people who weren’t in line either, and we started talking. Those two people were Ian and Maia, who I mentioned in my previous post. The event was entertaining, but after was better.

It started slowly with just Maia, Ian and me. Then we joined up with one of Maia’s friends, Teeter (I don’t remember her real name.) Then after that we met up with Sam and a couple of random guys I never saw again. There was a small amount of alcohol passed around that night. When I say small, I mean a few sips here and there… despite the fact that I’m 20. We stayed up til well into the morning… about 3.00 or so. It was fun, especially when Teeter pulled out her ukulele. Finally, we decided it was time to go to bed, and I discovered Ian was staying at the same hostel as I was.