It’s Been a Long Time

6 02 2012

I know. I haven’t been posting at all. I don’t even remember the last time I posted.  I’m sorry. The horrible thing is I’m posting this to tell you about a new blog I’m doing. I’ve heard some interesting things about going without shampoo. The thing that irked me the most when I was researching the topic was that there weren’t any blogs or articles with daily results/experiences.  I have a curious mind, so I set up this new blog to report everything I was doing, experiencing and seeing regarding my hair. I post photos and updates daily. So please check it out. It’s called Life Without Shampoo.


Too Damn Close, and I Give Up

19 08 2010

I give up! I can’t not talk about Dragon*Con. It’s too damn close and not close enough. I can’t wait. Anyone got a TARDIS? Time machine of any sort? no? Damn.

I can’t wait to see all the Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Marvel, anime, Doctor Who, Torchwood, BSG, Buffy and Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, video game and many other cosplayers. Okay, those links all link to zazzle, and I get money if you buy anything from Zazzle within 45 days after clicking those links, but the links are relevant to their hypertext. Buy from them, buy from me. I need the money. I can’t get a job, I’ve been trying. So please.


Okay, anyway. I still can’t fucking wait ’til Dragon*Con… how many more days is it? Shit! that many? Damn you, time, and your apparent linearity even if you are wibbly wobbly and all that. Grr.

My Favorite Mistake

27 07 2010

Going to the Once More with Feeling/Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog event at Dragon*Con 2009 late.

If I hadn't made the mistake of going late to find a huge line wrapped around the building, I wouldn't have met the friends I did that year at Dragon*Con.

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Why I May Never Costume

24 07 2010

I’m not sure I could ever costume. I want to, but I want to pretend to be too many different characters to ever decide on one…. Maybe next year I’ll go to Dragon*Con as a Jedi Knight, or Kaylee Frye, or Kilik, or Raiden, or Riku, or Link, or or or or or or or or or or or or or or or or or or or ror orororororororrororororororororororororro………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………//

Reboot. Sorry about that… but that’s the conversation I have with myself or a friend or two every year the weekend after Dragon*Con… And I always seem to have a meltdown towards the end. I can’t ever seem to decide what I want to do… and then I have a sort of nerd overload and always have to calm myself. That is why I believe I may never costume.

Nerd Drink Recipes

24 07 2010
  1. Cthulaid
    • Ingredients:
      • 3lbs white grain sugar (5 if you are a sugar-fiend)
      • 2 cans of pre-mix cool-aid (cherry and hawaiian punch)
      • 10 packets of blue raspberry lemonade cool-ade flavoring
      • 1 2ltr bottle of mountain dew (regular)
      • 1 2ltr bottle of mountain dew code red
        • (you can replace the code red with 4 cans of cherry Jolt cola)
      • 1 750ml bottle of raspberry flavored vodka (we prefer smirnoff)
      • the largest bottle of Yago Fruit Sangria you can buy
      • 1/2 750ml bottle of catdaddy moonshine (optional)
      • 1 bottle of raspberry lambic
    • mix vigorously. decant into reasonably portable bottles.
    • makes about 3 gallons.
  2. Pie
    • Ingredients:
      • 1 qt. Everclear
      • 1 gal. Apple Juice
      • 1 gal. Apple Cider
      • 7 sticks Cinnamon
      • 4 Cups Sugar
    • Mix apple juice, apple cider, sugar, and cinnamon sticks together. Boil until cinnamon sticks lose flavor. Add Everclear. Refrigerate
  3. A Slow Comfortable Screw With Captain Jack (Harkness or Sparrow; your preference) – 11.67% alcohol
    • Ingredients:
      • 8 oz Orange juice
      • 1 oz Sloe gin
      • 1 oz Southern Comfort
      • 1 oz Vodka
      • 1 oz Captain Morgan Tattoo
    • Mix well. All measurements are approximate.
  4. Sonic Screwdriver – depending on what proof vodka you use 7.78 – 8.89% alcohol
    • Ingredients:
      • 6 oz sprite
      • 2 oz Blue Curacao
      • 1 oz vodka
    • Fill highball glass 1/3 full with ice. Add the Blue Curacao and vodka, and then pour the sprite over top of it to mix it all together.
      • This is my own modified version of a recipe of the same name found here.
  5. Grog
    • Ingredients:
      • 2 oz rum
      • juice from 1/2 lemon
      • 1 organic sugar lump (If your sugar is ever ‘inorganic’, you’re doing it wrong.)
      • 2 cloves
      • 1 stick of cinnamon
    • Boil some water. Fill a mug with the boiling water. Dump all ingredients in the boiling water. Let steep for at least three minutes… and if you’re following the recipe from Dragon*Con TV, take a sip of the grog. Spit it out. Mix all left-over rum with Coke. Drink rum and Coke until you forget the taste of grog.
  6. Romulan Ale – 26.67% alcohol
    • Ingredients:
      • 2 cups Blue Curacao
      • 1 cup clear rum
      • 1/2 cup grain alcohol
      • 1/2 Viso Will
    • Mix in a sealed bottle. Chill till ice cold. Serve. Die.

This post will likely be updated as my knowledge of nerd drinks expands.

Dragon*Con 2010

19 07 2010

Preparations are underway for Dragon*Con. I have a room–in one of the con hotels this time. I almost have the money I need, though I want a bit more. Have a few recipes for nerdy alcoholic drinks. Am planning what I’m gonna pack (am taking my laptop this year… and am gonna remember to bring an actual camera; though, the one on my phone isn’t bad.)

I don’t think I’m gonna actually be able to costume this year either. I’ll still try to before the month is out, but it’s looking grim. One year. So many characters and only 4 days a year… *sigh*.

Gonna have to practice with the other camera… I’m used to the one on my phone.

Well that’s all for now. More later as it gets closer to Labor Day weekend.

Still Off Topic

18 07 2010

I thought these needed to be published elsewhere besides Twitter. If you are actually a fan of Stephenie Meyer and the Twilight Saga… you’d do better not to read this.

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