New Discovery (short post)

14 09 2010

I like hammock camping. I prefer it, you could say. Have had a chance to borrow a friend’s hammock over the summer, and wow. It’s so much better than a tent. I’m definitely gonna have to get my own. Hopefully soon, my buddy’s not gonna let me borrow his indefinitely. Will let you know when I finally get mine.


My Travel Style

17 07 2010

I have recently discovered that I do well with a minimalist travelling style. I pack only a few clothes that can be interchanged with each other. I’m fine with wearing garments again as long as they don’t smell. I pack a notebook, a pen, and sometimes my laptop. I pack minimal toiletries. And–and–I do this all in one backpack. And I still have room for some food, water and a first-aid/survival kit for if I’m going on a hiking trip or feel I’m traveling in such a way that I would need them.

I also prefer slow travel. Like walking or biking from town to town and staying a night or two, or camping between towns. I’m okay with travel by car… if we stop often. I do not like airplane travel, unless I have to cross an ocean or get across country faster than I could otherwise travel… and even then I don’t like it, it’s just a necessary evil.