New Discovery (short post)

14 09 2010

I like hammock camping. I prefer it, you could say. Have had a chance to borrow a friend’s hammock over the summer, and wow. It’s so much better than a tent. I’m definitely gonna have to get my own. Hopefully soon, my buddy’s not gonna let me borrow his indefinitely. Will let you know when I finally get mine.


Too Damn Close, and I Give Up

19 08 2010

I give up! I can’t not talk about Dragon*Con. It’s too damn close and not close enough. I can’t wait. Anyone got a TARDIS? Time machine of any sort? no? Damn.

I can’t wait to see all the Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, DC Comics, Marvel, anime, Doctor Who, Torchwood, BSG, Buffy and Angel, Firefly, Dollhouse, video game and many other cosplayers. Okay, those links all link to zazzle, and I get money if you buy anything from Zazzle within 45 days after clicking those links, but the links are relevant to their hypertext. Buy from them, buy from me. I need the money. I can’t get a job, I’ve been trying. So please.


Okay, anyway. I still can’t fucking wait ’til Dragon*Con… how many more days is it? Shit! that many? Damn you, time, and your apparent linearity even if you are wibbly wobbly and all that. Grr.

Dragon*Con 2010

19 07 2010

Preparations are underway for Dragon*Con. I have a room–in one of the con hotels this time. I almost have the money I need, though I want a bit more. Have a few recipes for nerdy alcoholic drinks. Am planning what I’m gonna pack (am taking my laptop this year… and am gonna remember to bring an actual camera; though, the one on my phone isn’t bad.)

I don’t think I’m gonna actually be able to costume this year either. I’ll still try to before the month is out, but it’s looking grim. One year. So many characters and only 4 days a year… *sigh*.

Gonna have to practice with the other camera… I’m used to the one on my phone.

Well that’s all for now. More later as it gets closer to Labor Day weekend.

My Travel Style

17 07 2010

I have recently discovered that I do well with a minimalist travelling style. I pack only a few clothes that can be interchanged with each other. I’m fine with wearing garments again as long as they don’t smell. I pack a notebook, a pen, and sometimes my laptop. I pack minimal toiletries. And–and–I do this all in one backpack. And I still have room for some food, water and a first-aid/survival kit for if I’m going on a hiking trip or feel I’m traveling in such a way that I would need them.

I also prefer slow travel. Like walking or biking from town to town and staying a night or two, or camping between towns. I’m okay with travel by car… if we stop often. I do not like airplane travel, unless I have to cross an ocean or get across country faster than I could otherwise travel… and even then I don’t like it, it’s just a necessary evil.