No More Posts About Dragon*Con

24 07 2010

… Until Dragon*Con. That’s 41 days.

So anyway. I got drunk Wednesday… reeeaaaalllllly drunk. I found out that I get very, very…very friendly when I’ve had a bit to drink. I fell asleep with another girl. And by fell asleep, I mean fell asleep. We were really too drunk to do much of anything else… except cuddle. I also like to use big words. Correctly. I remember insisting I was cognizant… rather a lot. And I have more of a propensity to remove my shirt….

Perhaps I should explain that. We were playing strip Scrabble… I was winning. And we weren’t really that drunk then… and I was still, somehow, the only one who could manage to play– and I was probably the most drunk among us at that point. The last round I even played for everyone else…. I had yet to remove a single article of clothing. My comrades decided that perhaps they needed to even out the odds a little bit, and we started playing strip poker… that was how I lost my shirt… well… sort of. We were counting watches and bracelets… I have one of each… and I forgot about them completely. I suppose that can happen when you’ve been drinking.

Besides being adamant that I was completely cognizant… I also remember telling every single person there that I loved them. I said it a lot. And oftentimes accompanied the pronouncement with a hug.

I never lost more than my shirt. I eventually took my pants off because it was hot, but that was under completely different circumstances.




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