Dragon*Con IV

15 09 2009

Sunday… oh Sunday. I woke up early… couldn’t find my glasses and had to put in my contacts… and I still got relatively close to the front of the line for the Leonard Nimoy interview/Q&A…. Well… it was supposed to be… about half-way through William Shatner–who was supposed to have already left–showed up, andhe started interviewing/conversing with Mr. Nimoy. That was definitely… fascinating….

After that I wandered around the Con a bit… and then Patrick Stewart… well he talked about his career and then had a Q&A session. That was very entertaining… even though I was close to the back for that one… I don’t like being close to the back. When it ended I went over to one of the other hotels and got his autograph.

Finally, after all this I met up with Ian again. And together, we met up with some webcomics drawers… and drank. I got buzzed… but I didn’t wake up with a hangover so I don’t think I was drunk… though… I did have to concentrate a little harder to walk straight. I learned I am over-analytical when I drink… and I talk a lot… though I don’t lose my inhibitions–except about talking. We went back to the hostel at about 3am.

Unfortunately, Monday’s not really worth mentioning… I woke up at 8 and went home…. Never did find my glasses… I miss them.




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